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Coldwater Branch County Michigan

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Coldwater, MI Background Checks
Our Database contains background Check records for Coldwater, MI. The complete background check can be accessed by submitting the form above. Other, more specific searches like: Warrant search for Coldwater, MI, Inmate search for Coldwater, MI, Sex offenders search Coldwater, MI, Unclaimed Property for Coldwater, MI or even Deaths and Birth certificates in Coldwater, MICan also be accessed, by choosing the particular search in the select box above.

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Coldwater, MI: Data

Coldwater, MIMichigan Avg.US Avg.
Population 201010,9349,873,756308,745,538
Population 18-65, 20106,3206,171,09763%
Population 18-65 male, 201047.7522%49.0509%31%
Population – White92.4075%78.8211%64%
Population – Black0.54%14.1858%13%
Population – Asian0.72%2.16%5%
Population – Hispanic / Latino5.94%3.96%16%

Coldwater, MI: More Data

Coldwater, MIMichigan Avg.US Avg.
Living in the same house at least 1 year 2005-200976.923%85.3146%84%
Language other than English spoken at home 2005-200912.3876%8.1%20%
High school graduates, age 25+ 2005-200986.2137%87.3126%85%
Bachelor’s degree or higher, age 25+ 2005-200917.8821%24.4755%28%
Travel time to work, workers age 16+ 2005-200915.3846%23.6763%25%
Number of firms 20071,299816,15527,092,908
Accommodation & food services sales 200733,26014,522,111613,795,732
Homeownership rate 2005-200963.936%74.5254%67%
Persons per household 2005-20092.16%2.25%3%
Yearly income per capita 2005-200919,12625,14727,041
Percent below poverty level 200920.8791%16.0839%14%